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Low Vision Accommodations For Print Materials

While attending Virginia public schools, I had three different types of disability accommodations that I received over the years, including a Student Assistance Plan (SAP), a 504 Plan, and an Individualized Education Program (IEP). My disability accommodations evolved with me as my vision changed over time, and my vision loss has continued to progress since I graduated high school. However, I often get questions from people asking what my low vision accommodations for print materials looked like in different high school classes, so I’ve created this post to give a quick summary of what printed materials looked like for each of my classes, along with related links for further reading. Please note that these are not the accommodations or font sizes that I currently use.


  • 22 point bold Arial font, on 8.5 x 11 blue/yellow paper
  • Digital high resolution graphics as needed along with image descriptions
  • Digital copies of books downloaded from Bookshare and/or Barnes and Noble

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  • 22 point bold Arial font, on 11 x 17 off white paper.
  • Maps outlined in black Sharpie and the symbols enlarged 500%.
  • High resolution graphics provided digitally on my laptop and on the class projector
  • This class did not use textbooks

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Spanish/foreign language

  • 22 point bold Arial font on 8.5 x 11 blue/yellow paper.
  • Accent marks outlined in black Sharpie.
  • Pictures were often eliminated since they were used for decorative purposes
  • Textbooks and workbooks through AIM-VA

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  • 22 point bold Arial font on 11 x 17 blue/yellow paper.
  • Specific accommodation to use Sharpie pens instead of pencils.
  • Graphs were either presented as high resolution images or outlined in black Sharpie.
  • Textbooks from AIM-VA.

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  • 22 point bold Arial font on 11 x 17 blue paper.
  • Graphs and images presented digitally.
  • Lab partner that can help with reading information during labs
  • Textbooks from AIM-VA and Amazon.

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  • Music enlarged 250%-300% on 11 x 17 off white paper that was cut into segments for easier page turns.
  • Dynamics and other markings were highlighted with black Sharpie.
  • Digital PDF files so I could play music on my iPad as needed

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Low Vision Accommodations For Print Materials. A quick bulleted list of the accommodations for print materials I received as a high school student with low vision