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Have a question, comment, or just want to say hi? Use this contact form below, or contact Veronica Lewis directly via email- veron4ica at gmail dot com. All correspondence will be treated with confidentiality and will not be shared unless you give consent.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love getting messages from my readers! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that I receive through my website.

Do you accept guest posts or sponsored posts?

I do not accept guest posts or sponsored posts on Veronica With Four Eyes, and do not include paid links in my posts. If you have a link to a resource that specifically relates to blind/low vision accessibility or assistive technology, you can email those- I love learning about new resources!

Can you email my student/child/parent?

I do not initiate email or social media conversations of this nature. If someone wants to reach out to me, they will need to send me an email directly.

I’m doing a school project- can I interview you?

I accept most student interview requests that are sent at least a week in advance- I love helping students learn more about vision loss and accessibility! If possible, please provide the grade level and state/country where you are based, so I can tailor my answers accordingly and share links to local resources when possible. I typically send my responses back in a Word document within a week.

Can I hire you to provide one-on-one help or consulting?

I have a limited number of paid consulting and one-on-one help sessions available at any given time- send me an email to get the most current information on my availability. My consulting fees start at $50 USD per hour.

Can you come and speak in my class/at my event?

Maybe! Send me an email with more information about your class or event, and make sure to include your time zone when talking about potential dates/times. Speaking rates vary depending on the type of event and audience.

Why didn’t you answer my DM?

I don’t always get notifications for direct messages sent on social media. For the fastest response time, please send me an email.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties on Veronica With Four Eyes

Send me an email right away or use the contact form, including a description of the problem and a link to the page that isn’t working. Sometimes I’ll be doing website maintenance and the issue will be resolved once a user refreshes the page.

Can I share your posts on my website or social media?

Please share the original link to the post and give credit to Veronica Lewis at Veronica With Four Eyes. If you are a blindness or assistive technology organization that wants to reprint a post, send me an email and we’ll talk about it from there. Social media shares are always welcome.