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Low Vision Accommodations For Print Materials

As a student with low vision who attended public school, I have learned a lot about how to make print and digital materials accessible for me. Here are the accommodations I received for print materials with low vision. I received large print and did not use Braille.


  • 22 point bold Arial font, on 8.5 x 11 blue/yellow paper
  • Digital high resolution graphics as needed along with image descriptions
  • Books through Bookshare and Barnes and Noble.

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  • 22 point bold Arial font, on 11 x 17 off white paper.
  • Maps outlined in black Sharpie and the symbols¬† enlarged 500%.
  • High resolution graphics provided digitally on my laptop and on the class projector
  • This class did not use textbooks

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Spanish/foreign language

  • 22 point bold Arial font on 8.5 x 11 blue/yellow paper.
  • Accent marks outlined in black Sharpie.
  • Pictures were often eliminated.
  • Textbooks and workbooks through AIM-VA

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  • 22 point bold Arial font on 11 x 17 blue/yellow paper.
  • Specific accommodation to use Sharpie pens instead of pencils.
  • Graphs were either presented as high resolution images or outlined in black Sharpie.
  • Textbooks from AIM-VA.

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  • 22 point bold Arial font on 11 x 17 blue paper.
  • Graphs and images presented digitally.
  • Lab partner that can help with reading information during labs
  • Textbooks from AIM-VA and Amazon.

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  • Music enlarged 250%-300% on 11 x 17 off white paper that was cut into segments for easier page turns.
  • Dynamics and other markings were highlighted with black Sharpie.
  • Digital PDF files so I could play music on my iPad as needed

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