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Low Vision Accessibility Settings For Android Phones

Low vision accessibility settings for Android phones have continued to improve in the last few years. As a user with vision impairment, I appreciate having access to so many different settings so I can customize my phone. Another advantage is that I can focus on picking a great phone and not having to worry about whether it is accessible. Here are my low vision accessibility settings for Android phones.

Magnification gesture

By triple tapping the screen, it can be magnified up to 10x. Users can navigate the screen by dragging two or more fingers across it, and zoom in more by pinching fingers, or zoom out by spreading them apart. You can also triple tap and hold with one finger to get a small magnification window to drag across the screen that will close when you move your finger. This works everywhere but the keyboard and navigation bar.

Large text

Self explanatory. If you need it larger, download an app like Big Font that will increase the system font.

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High contrast text

The system font when displayed is white with a black outline, to make it readable on any background. It’s the same principle applied to “meme text” which is common for funny pictures on the internet. This is one of the lesser known low vision accessibility settings for Android, but it’s really helpful.

Power button exits call

Push the power button to hang up the phone. It’s easier than tapping on the screen to end a call.

Color inversion

Allow for a dark background with light text on all phone displays.  Just turn it off before viewing photos or the camera, unless you want to be mentally scarred.

Color correction

Correct the display for users who have deuteranomaly, protanomaly, or tritanomaly.

Summary of accessibility settings for Android phones

  • Magnification gesture
  • Large text
  • High contrast text
  • Power button exits call
  • Color inversion
  • Color correction



Low Vision Accessibility Settings For Android Phones