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Choosing A Phone Case With Low Vision

While I tend to put a lot of thought into choosing a phone with low vision and photosensitivity, I don’t often think about choosing a phone case for low vision, or what is the best phone case for people with visual impairments. This may seem like a strange thing to think about, but people with vision loss tend to hold their phones more often and in different ways than people without vision loss do, because many people use their phones as assistive technology or have accessibility tools installed. Today, I will be sharing my tips for choosing a phone case with low vision, in honor of the fact I had to buy a new phone case today. While I won’t be recommending any specific cases, I will be sharing different characteristics I look for when buying a phone case.

Look for durability

Since I have double vision, I frequently drop my phone when I think I am resting it on a table, or accidentally spill water on it at times. Having a durable phone case means that I don’t ruin my phone whenever I drop it or accidentally expose it to the elements. At the very least, look for a phone case that does not remove easily and feels solid in the user’s hand.

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Add a glass screen protector

Many phone cases now come with glass screen protectors that protect the phone against screen cracks. If the phone sustains a significant fall, the screen protector will be damaged but the phone screen itself will be just fine. My phone case did not come with a glass screen protector, but they can be purchased for cheap online- I got a pack of two screen protectors for $8. It’s worth noting that some people may need sighted assistance with attaching a glass screen protector from a friend, teacher, or family member.

Look for raised textures and designs- or add your own!

Many of my friends have phone cases that have interesting patterns and textures on them so that they can easily distinguish their phones. My current phone case has a raised design with koi fish on it, though there are lots of other cool patterns to choose from. One of my friends prefers to add raised tactile dots to their phone case so they can distinguish it from a sibling’s phone, while a different friend printed their favorite quote in Braille and added it to the back of their phone so they could read it anytime they wanted.

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Choose a case that pops against common surfaces

Once upon a time, I lost my white phone when it was resting on top of my black-and-white comforter, and I lost it another time when it was resting on my white desk. Having a high-contrast case that pops against common surfaces such as my bed, desk, dining table, and purse means that I can easily find my phone and don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for it after I put it down.

Add a PopSocket or other grip for use with a blindness cane

I met someone at a conference who was telling me all about how helpful their PopSocket is for helping them grip their phone while they are walking with a blindness cane, or for easily holding their phone to their ear. A different person chimed in saying that this is why they used a phone grip built in to their case, because that way they wouldn’t have to hold onto their phone with their entire hand, plus it could easily rest on a table. PopSockets and grips can easily be purchased online in a variety of colors or styles, or found as giveaways at different conferences.

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Make sure the phone can fit in your hand

For me, one of the most important considerations when buying a phone case is ensuring that it can fit in my hand or pocket, since I find it painful to hold heavy phone cases or extremely thick cases in one hand and find it frustrating to hold a phone with two hands. For this reason, I don’t like phone cases with built-in external batteries or other bulky add-ons, and instead prefer to carry a separate external battery or other phone accessories as needed.

Final thoughts

While buying a phone case isn’t a particularly difficult or time-consuming task compared to buying a phone, choosing a phone case with low vision can be just as important when it comes to taking care of your phone and ensuring it lasts for years to come. I hope these tips help you buy the perfect phone case or make your phone easier to use!

Choosing A Phone Case With Low Vision. Tips for choosing the best phone case with low vision, and other considerations when finding a phone case