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Twelve Blindness Cane Storage Solutions

One of my friends with low vision just started to use a blindness cane full-time and has been struggling to come up with blindness cane storage solutions. More often than not, they put their cane in some random place and when it comes time to leave, they are scrambling to try and figure out where they put it, and sometimes end up trying to navigate without it, which can be very dangerous. Today, I will be sharing my tips for blindness cane storage solutions and how to store blindness canes in different locations.

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Unfolded/extended canes

Using removable wall hooks

In my dorm room, I have removable wall hooks that I hang next to my door. I hang my cane on the hooks using the elastic wrist strap and I can easily take the cane off the hook before I walk out the door. My mom came up with this idea when I first started using a cane and it has worked out great.

Hang them on a coat rack

When I’m at home, I hang my blindness canes on a coat rack near the door. I like to put my jacket on top of my cane so that I can grab both items before I leave. One downside to this is that sometimes I can’t find my cane if it is covered by long coats, so I’ll have to take off everything on the coat rack so I can find my cane.

Prop them up by the door

One of my friends simply props their extended blindness cane up by the door so they don’t have to mess with hooks or anything like that, they can just grab their cane and go. One downside to this is that it’s very easy to accidentally slam the door on your cane, which has happened to me multiple times. Other friends use this method to store their cane during college classes so that they don’t have to worry about holding their cane at their desk.

Store with umbrellas

When I was at ATIA, I had a great conversation with someone about different types of blindness canes. They were telling me about how they like to store canes in an umbrella container to protect the cane tips a bit better, and said it looked nicer than just hanging canes on the wall. This would be perfect for an apartment or a classroom where there are lots of students who use canes.

Put the cane on the floor

Okay, I’m not advocating for someone to store their cane on the floor at home. This is more for short term-storage in class, at a restaurant, or in similar situations. Make sure that no one can trip over it or step on it first though.

Rest it against your shoulder

My friends who use non-collapsible blindness canes typically rest their cane against their shoulder when they are in the dining hall or library. This protects the cane from being broken easily, and it also makes it easy for me to find my friends if I am meeting them somewhere.

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Folded/collapsed canes

Put them on a shelf

Another one of my friends prefers to collapse their blindness cane and rest it on a shelf in their room, because they don’t like their cane taking up a lot of space. They use a small $10 shelf that rests on top of a dresser that can easily be purchased at any major store.

Store in a drawer

For people who only use a cane part-time or are looking for a more discreet way to store their cane, most folded blindness canes can easily fit in a drawer for easy storage. I recommend adding tactile dots to the front of the drawer so that it can be easily located.

Put in a purse/backpack

When I sit down for class, I put my cane in my purse or backpack so I don’t have to worry about it falling over in class, or having someone randomly grab it. I usually put it in the main section of my backpack, but my cane also perfectly fits in the water bottle compartments that are on the side, which can be good for easily accessing my cane.

Putting blindness canes in a suitcase

When I’m packing to go on a trip, I will put an extra blindness cane in my personal item for the plane ride so I can easily access it if needed. Another technique is to rest the collapsed blindness cane between the non-extending handle on the top of the bag and the suitcase itself, which secures the cane well.

Put it behind you in a chair

When I am sitting in a chair and can’t fit my cane in my purse, I usually collapse it and put it behind me in a chair so that I am resting against it. I also like to rest my cane in my lap if I know I will be getting up soon, though I don’t like to worry about it rolling onto the floor.

In a seat pouch

For classrooms that have small seat or desk pouches, or when I’m flying somewhere, I will collapse my cane and put it in a pouch, with the tip facing upwards. For added security, wrap the center of the elastic wrist strap around the cane once so that it does not unexpectedly explode open. This is also great for students who want to keep their cane inside their desk at school, though this may be distracting for younger kids.

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Final thoughts

These are some of the most common blindness cane storage methods I have learned about, which can be very helpful for people who are new to using a blindness cane or who just frequently lose their canes. By knowing how to store blindness canes when not in use, people can ensure that their canes are well taken care of and protected from being broken, damaged, or lost.

Twelve ideas for storing blindness canes when not in use, with tips for collapsible and non-collapsible canes