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How To Make A Dorm Room Completely Dark

Some people can’t fall asleep unless the room is totally dark. Other people may require a completely dark room in order to deal with medical conditions such as migraines and photosensitivity. Whatever the reason, here are my favorite products for making a dorm room completely and totally dark.

Blackout curtains

My dorm room features two black-out curtain panels to help block out as much light as possible. They have to be fire-proofed every year by the university so they do not break the fire code for the state. Using these alone blocks out almost 75% of light, and I can’t recommend them more.

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Prop something against the window

This is more of a short term solution, but putting a large object in front of a window can be great for blocking out a lightning storm, or as I call it, nature’s strobe lights. I use an inflated air mattress and prop it against the window, deflating it after the storm has passed.

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Window films

Tinted window films can help keep light from shining in, as well as keep people from looking in the window. Some colleges may not allow these, so check with the residence handbook first.

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Tape over small lights

Does your computer have small blinking lights? Does your headset light up while it’s charging? Putting opaque tape over the lights can help keep them from glowing in the dark. However, do not mess with the fire alarm or smoke detector lights, as that can be punishable by law.

Privacy tent

While I don’t have one of these, one of my friends swears by them for making the area around their bed completely dark. This way, their roommates can continue to use the overhead lights, and no one is disturbed.

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Use an eye mask

If all else fails, use an eye mask or eye pillow to block out light. My current favorite is the Mini Ostrich pillow, which provides cushioning and blocks out all light around me. I purchased mine in a flash sale for 50% off.

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These products can help tremendously with improving sleep as well as migraine recovery. I hope this list is helpful!

How to make a dorm room completely dark and block out all light