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Incorporating Blindness Canes into Halloween Costumes

I started using a blindness cane about two months before Halloween, and found myself wondering how I was going to incorporate my blindness cane into a Halloween costume for a party I was invited to. I knew I wanted my cane to be part of the costume, so I went through my closet and was able to put together a really fun costume for the event that got lots of compliments. Since then, I have put together several other inexpensive costumes that incorporate my cane in a fun way that still lets me use my cane safely. Today, I will be sharing ten Halloween costume ideas that use blindness canes for people with blindness and low vision. Almost all of these costumes are gender neutral, and are all easy to make, inexpensive, and can be made in 15 minutes or less.

Being blind as a bat

This was the costume I chose for my first Halloween party with a blindness cane, and it ended up winning a contest for “best pun” and was even mentioned in an article that my university wrote about me.

For the bat costume, you will need:

  • Head-to-toe black or brown clothing
  • A black or brown scarf to drape over your shoulders for wings (I wrapped it around my neck as I walked and draped it over my shoulders when I wasn’t moving)
  • Cat ears/bat ears
  • An undecorated blindness cane

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Adding a fairy wand to a cane

For another event I went to, I wasn’t going to be using my cane as much and decided to decorate it a bit more for photos. I made the star for the wand removable with velcro so I could remove it while I walked without damaging my cane.

For the fairy costume, you will need:

  • A pastel colored dress
  • Tiara
  • A blindness cane
  • Painter’s tape to put on the side of the cane handle so it can be removed later without damage
  • Velcro dots to put on top of the painter’s tape
  • A star shape cut out from glitter paper, with velcro dots added to the back so it affixes to the cane
  • Silver sparkly scrapbooking tape to add to the top of the cane (optional)

Using The Force with a lightsaber cane

Confession time- I have never actually seen Star Wars. However, I met an awesome TVI this summer at a conference who told me about how a bunch of their students thought of their canes like lightsabers, so I figured I would include the idea. This would especially be fun with a colored cane, but it works great with an undecorated cane too- taking a flash photo with a blindness cane in the dark shows the lightsaber effect well.

For the lightsaber costume, you will need:

  • Star Wars character costume of your choice (there are so many, it would be impractical to list them all)
  • Undecorated blindness cane or colored blindness cane

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Be a hero with Daredevil

As I was talking about ideas for this post with my friend, they immediately told me I should add Daredevil to the list. For kids that are a fan of the blind superhero, it’s easy to put together a few different costumes, though I’ll be sharing the two easiest.

For the black season 1 costume, you will need:

  • Black sweater
  • Black long sleeve shirt
  • Pair of black pants
  • Pair of black shoes
  • An undecorated blindness cane- he uses white nunchucks in this costume

For the Matt Murdock costume, you will need:

  • Gray jacket or cardigan
  • White shirt
  • Black tie
  • Black pants
  • Pair of black shoes
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • An undecorated blindness cane- his cane on the show has a red stripe on the bottom

Going under the sea with Destiny from Finding Dory

My favorite Disney/Pixar character is Destiny from “Finding Dory,” a visually impaired whale shark that is best friends with Dory and Bailey. Having a vision impaired character that kids can relate to is amazing, and I wish she was in the first movie when I was younger and still trying to understand my poor eyesight.

For the Destiny costume, you will need:

  • Teal/blue top with white polka dots added
  • Gray pants/leggings
  • Shark fin to wear on back (optional)
  • Blindness cane- either undecorated or with blue reflective tape added to the top

Joining the three blind mice

The three blind mice are a common group costume, so it could be fun for a group of friends. It’s worth noting though that many people who have perfect sight love dressing up as mice, and there is nothing wrong with that- just don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t think you genuinely need a blindness cane.

For the three blind mice costume, you will need:

  • Head-to-toe black, gray, or brown clothing
  • Small round mouse ears
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • Face paint to add whiskers (optional- kids with sensory processing disorders may find this overwhelming or uncomfortable)
  • Undecorated blindness cane

Willy Wonka

Be in a world of pure imagination by dressing up as one of the most beloved children’s book characters. There are two options for this costume based on the movies- one from the 1971 movie starring Gene Wilder and one from the 2005 movie starring Johnny Depp.

For the Gene Wilder version, you will need:

  • Dark purple jacket or cardigan
  • Light purple shirt
  • Beige bow tie (optional)
  • Khaki pants
  • Brown shoes
  • Orange/beige top hat
  • Undecorated blindness cane

For the Johnny Depp version, you will need:

  • Burgundy jacket or cardigan
  • Black shirt/sweater
  • Pair of black pants
  • Pair of black shoes
  • Black top hat
  • White framed sunglasses (optional)
  • Purple gloves (optional)
  • Undecorated blindness cane

Be a magician or ringmaster

Abracadabra! A magician is a fun costume that can make a cane seem like a very long magic wand, and it can also be used as a ringmaster costume for a circus. I used this costume to go trick-or-treating at the different US Embassies in DC and the staff found it very creative.

For the magician/ringmaster costume, you will need:

  • Black or red jacket/cape
  • White shirt
  • Bow tie (optional)
  • Black pants (or blue jeans)
  • Black shoes
  • A black top hat
  • An undecorated blindness cane

Act sweet with a candy (blindness) cane

One time, a professor of mine was trying to ask me where I put my blindness cane during class, but forgot the term for blindness cane and instead asked me where I put candy canes during class. I found this highly amusing and realized it would make for a fun costume for someone who really loves Christmas!

For the candy cane costume, you will need:

  • Red and green or other holiday themed clothing
  • Undecorated blindness cane with red on the bottom
  • Alternatively wrap another part of the cane with red reflective tape

Rock your choice of costume and use a blindness cane

While these costume ideas are definitely fun, a person who uses a blindness cane definitely doesn’t have to make their cane part of the costume. They can be whatever they want to be for Halloween, just like everyone else, as long as they can still move their cane. However, I hope these ideas for incorporating blindness canes into Halloween costumes are fun and helpful for those who don’t want their cane to blend in, but to stand out against their costume in a fun and humorous way.

Trick or treat! Ten DIY inexpensive Halloween costumes for blindness cane users that incorporate the cane