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Accessibility And Low Vision Twitter Lists To Follow

In order to optimize my Twitter browsing experience, I have segmented all of the accounts that I enjoy following or learning from into a series of lists/groups with the Twitter Lists feature. This gives me the benefit of being able to browse accounts by area of disability or area of interest, as well as giving people who follow my account the ability to find related accounts that cover topics they are interested in learning more about. Here is a list of Twitter lists I have created, as well as links to follow them on your own account!


While I enjoy learning from these accounts, retweets, follows, likes, and additions to the list are not endorsements, and I am not responsible for what other people tweet or retweet. I keep my tweets G/PG-rated, and try not to share content from accounts with explicit content.


AT Chat is a weekly Twitter chat during the school year that covers various topics related to assistive technology in education, and this list covers accounts that are active in the weekly chat and share information about assistive technology in various classroom and educational settings.

A11y in Tech Industry

A11y is a numeronym for the word accessibility that gets its name from the fact there are 11 letters between the letter A and the letter Y in the word accessibility. This list features accessibility professionals that work for well-known technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other well-known groups.

A11y/Disability Creators

This list consists of content creators in accessibility, disability, and chronic illness spaces that are separate from blind/low vision content, though many of the accounts also retweet content related to vision loss.

AT Apps and Services

This list contains accounts for assistive technology apps, services, and businesses, most of which have a focus on serving customers that are blind, have low vision, or are otherwise visually impaired.

Audio Description

Audio description is the practice of sharing visual information in a nonvisual way, and is often targeted at blind and low vision audiences. This list contains accounts that primary cover audio description content or that share it regularly.

Blind/Low Vision Creators

This list features content creators that identify as being blind, having low vision, or who are otherwise visually impaired and share content regularly about their own experiences with vision loss. Many of the people on this list also have blogs, YouTube channels, or other social media presences.

Blind/Low Vision Gaming

This list covers adaptive gaming for people who are blind or that have low vision, or who share content regularly about adaptive gaming. It’s worth noting that people on this list share information about other disabilities as well, and that there are lots of great ways to apply concepts related to accessibility, even if someone doesn’t play video games.

Disability/A11y Classroom

Most of the accounts I include in this list are from Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) and other education professionals who focus on sharing disability and accessibility resources for K-12 classrooms. I learned a lot from the people on this list when I had to take calculus as a student with low vision, and love that everyone is so willing to help each other.

Higher Education A11y

Want to learn more about disability and accessibility in higher education? The accounts on this list are professors and organizations that share content about inclusion and supporting students with disabilities in the college classroom, as well as some of my favorite professors and groups from my own college.

Inclusive Design/UDL

While a lot of the accounts I have shared focus on assistive technology in the context of tools or software, this list covers accounts that talk about accessible and inclusive design and universal design in learning, which encourages innovations in the field of accessibility to promote better usability for everyone.

VI Nonprofits

This list features not-for-profit organizations that are dedicated to causes related to blindness, low vision, and other forms of vision loss. While I have not worked many of these organizations personally, I do find the content they share on Twitter to be worthwhile.

Vision Loss and AT News

For journalists and news accounts that talk about assistive technology, vision loss, and other disability topics, this account gathers all of these stories in one place.

Links to Twitter Lists

Curated Twitter lists that cover topics related to accessibility, low vision/blindness, and assistive technology by @veron4ica