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Welcome to Veroniiiica!  I started this blog in November 2016 as a resource to help teachers, parents, and especially students navigate the ups, downs, and all arounds of life with low vision.  I’ve since expanded this blog to also include resources for college students, as well as those affected by undiagnosed illness, chronic pain/migraines, invisible disabilities, chronic illness, Chiari Malformation, and photosensitivity.  Below, I have outlined some of my most popular topics and posts.  If you have any suggestions for future posts/topics, please comment on any of my posts with your ideas.

Print Disabilities

What I’ve Learned About Print Disabilities

All About Bookshare

Accommodations For Print Materials

All About AIM-VA

Standardized Tests

State Standardized Tests/ SOL Accommodations For Low Vision

ACT Accommodations For Low Vision

SAT Accommodations for Low Vision

Device Accessibility

Make Any Android Smartphone Accessible For $8

How To Make iPad Accessible for Low Vision

Accessibility Settings For Android Phones

Accessibility Settings For Windows 10

Device Reviews

E-Bot Pro Review

Eschenbach SmartLux Review

Amazon Echo Dot Review

Google Chromecast Review

College Academics

Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing a College

How To Schedule College Classes

How To Buy Digital Textbooks

How To Survive Midterms/Finals

College Disability Services

How To Create A Disability Services File

How To Explain Accommodations

Requesting Extracurricular Accommodations

Testing Accommodations For Low Vision Students

College Housing

How Do People With Low Vision…Handle Fire Alarms?

How To Pick Housing

How To Prepare for Extreme Weather on Campus

How Do People With Low Vision…Use The Bathroom/Take A Shower?

My Favorite Posts

You Belong

How Do People With Low Vision…Attend Political Events?

Colored Paper and the Readability of Text

Buddy Holly’s Glasses

Having an Undiagnosed Chronic Illness in High School