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Pain Management Tools I Love From Amazon

I’m not sure why, but this week I have been texting a bunch of my friends about pain management tools and non-medication chronic pain relief options from Amazon that I use in my day to day life. I’m not sure if all of my friends secretly decided to pull muscles or to have intense back pain all at the same time, but I’ve been excited to tell them about the massage tools from Amazon I use to help with my back, or the items I use to help with my chronic pain from Chiari Malformation. Here are my favorite chronic pain items from Amazon that I use at least once a week with chronic pain, with most items being $25 or less. I was not paid to write about these products and none of the links are sponsored/affiliate links.


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IcyHot TENS unit

I have chronic back and shoulder pain, and love using the small IcyHot TENS unit as a short treatment for the pain, as I can easily relax in my bed as it vibrates and provides soothing relief. I ordered different patches for the back and knee/shoulder and just clip the unit to the different patches as I need them. They typically cost anywhere from $20-$30 for the unit with patches, and replacement patches can be purchased for about $10, though prices fluctuate depending on sales.

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Manual massage ball

A lot of my friends like to borrow the manual massage ball on my desk to work out knots in their back or other painful points, as it fits perfectly in their hand and can provide deep pressure very easily. I love the manual massage ball as it feels great for my chronic neck pain or other painful points. The manual massage ball can be purchased for about $8 on Amazon and is available in several different colors.

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Hair/scalp massager shampoo brush

After I fell down and hurt both of my hands, I discovered it was difficult to put shampoo/conditioner in my hair as it was extremely painful to move my fingers. One of the tools that helped me was a hair/scalp massaging shampoo brush that I could use to massage shampoo through my hair so that it would be distributed evenly. I’ve also used it as a scalp massager during a migraine and found that it provided the perfect gentle touch. The hair/scalp massager shampoo brush can be purchased for $8-$10 on Amazon in several different colors.

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Lumbar pillow for chair

I have a lumbar pillow on all of my desk chairs, at the kitchen table, and even bring one to class to help with my back pain, as well as ensure that I have good posture. I have found that this makes a difference in how intense my back pain gets after sitting at a computer or in class for long periods of time. There are several options on Amazon for lumbar pillows for desk chairs, but mine cost about $20.

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Q-Flex acupressure back and body massage tool

This is one of my favorite pain management tools for Chiari Malformation, as it allows me to target my back or shoulder pain which would be otherwise hard to reach. Behind the manual massage ball, this is probably one of the most popular products my friends ask to borrow, because it helps so much with back pain. I like that I also don’t need a ton of strength to use it. The Q-Flex acupressure back and body massage tool can be ordered on Amazon for about $25.

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Jade roller

So this isn’t necessarily a pain relief device, but I love having the jade roller when I have a migraine as the cooling sensation feels nice on my face or eyes, and it provides a gentle amount of pressure. Jade rollers can be purchased in lots of major retailers at different price points, but I ordered one on Amazon for $7.

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Final thoughts

I’m glad that my friends trust my opinion on tools for chronic pain and pain relief options from Amazon, and I am happy to share information about my favorite massage tools and similar options. While everybody’s experiences with pain are different, I hope this post is helpful for others who are looking for help with finding pain management tools on Amazon!

Pain Management Tools I Love From Amazon. My favorite chronic pain management tools for chronic migraines/ Chiari malformation from Amazon prime that are $25 or less