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Everything In My College Dorm: Post Round Up

One of the most popular questions I get about living on-campus  with low vision is about what is in my college dorm, or everything in my college dorm that I bought for college. While I don’t think that a list of every single item I purchased for my dorm is particularly exciting, I understand that people might want to learn more about what’s in my college dorm or find my college dorm related posts in one location. Here is a post round up of all of the products I have talked about that were in my college dorm for four years.

My College Bed For Chronic Pain

When I was preparing for college move-in, one of the main things I focused on was how I would set up my college bed for chronic pain management. Since I live with a neurological condition that causes chronic pain in my head, neck, shoulder, and back, as well as chronic migraines, having the coziest bed on campus wasn’t just a goal, but a necessity as well. Here is how I set up my college bed and the assorted items that I had on my bed during the four years that I lived on campus. It’s worth noting that I lived in a single dorm all four years, meaning that I had a bedroom to myself and shared a bathroom with 1-3 other people.

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How I Set Up My College Desk

Between taking classes, doing homework, running my own website, and talking to friends online, I spend a ton of time at my desk working on various projects, and how I set up my college desk is important so that I can do all these things without having to spend too much time looking for things or being uncomfortable. Here is how I set up my college desk as a student with low vision, and how my desk set-up has changed over the years.

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Ten Weird Things I Brought To College

As a student with low vision and chronic illness, my dorm room looks slightly different from a typical room. I live in a single room, meaning I have no roommate and share a bathroom with one to three people instead of the entire hall. I have been very fortunate to have this housing arrangement and cannot recommend it enough for students with chronic migraines. Because of this atypical arrangement, I brought a couple of “weird” things to college with me to help me both inside and outside the classroom, and this post covers ten of those items.

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Yogibo For Chronic Pain

Yogibos are similar to bean bags, but with much smaller beads and smooth fabrics, instead of crunchy feeling covers. They make a variety of products such as giant pillows, bedding, supports, and even aromatherapy. Their main target audience is children with sensory disorders, but the products are amazing for people with chronic pain as well. My brother and I have never encountered a product we didn’t like, and have difficulty picking a favorite. Below, I have outlined ten of my favorite Yogibo products and shown how they help me manage my chronic pain. This post is not sponsored by Yogibo, I genuinely love their products and want to share my favorites.

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How To Make A Dorm Room Completely Dark

For people who need to make a dorm room completely dark for sleeping or due to migraines, this post shares some of my favorite tips and products that can show how to make a dorm room completely dark.

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How To Hack An Accessible Dorm

Since I do not rely on mobility aids, it’s difficult for me to get one of the official mobility accessible dorms on my college campus. I’m not complaining about this though, because I’ve been able to come up with lots of solutions that help me hack my own accessible dorm that can accommodate my mobility and balance-related deficits associated with Chiari Malformation. Here are my tips for how to hack an accessible dorm and how to make a dorm accessible for chronic pain.

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How To Choose A Dorm and Pick College Housing

This post shares various tips for students with disabilities about how to choose a dorm and pick college housing,  covering information such as the types of dorms that are available, how to get disability housing accommodations, and other information.

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How Amazon Alexa Can Help You Navigate Your Dorm

The Houseguest skill on the Alexa Skill Blueprints website was created so that users could create a custom guide for their home and neighborhood for guests visiting in the area. However, I decided to adapt this skill for use in my college dorm and surrounding area so that I could easily remember how to do different tasks or find contact information with ease. In order to activate the skill, users need to say “Alexa, open My Houseguest Guide” before they can ask any other questions. Users can also customize the skill name in step 3 of the Alexa Blueprint Skill creator- mine is named “Dorm Questions.”

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Having A Betta Fish In College

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I decided that I absolutely wanted to have a betta fish in my college dorm, because I loved fish so much. My friend and I went down to the local pet store and purchased inexpensive tanks, filtered water, food, and, of course, the fish themselves. Since then, I have learned a lot about having betta fish in a dorm and have helped many people answer the question of “should I get a betta fish in college?” Here are my tips for having a happy betta, written in honor of the betta fish that I had for three years named Vacuum.

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Everything In My College Dorm Post Round Up. Here is a post round up of all of the products I have talked about that were in my college dorm for four years, such as items for my bed, desk, and other areas of my dorm