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Creative Uses For Microsoft Office Sway: Post Round Up

One of my favorite things that I’ve written about on Veronica With Four Eyes is all about creative uses for Microsoft Office Sway, especially using Microsoft Office Sway with low vision or for low vision audiences. Below, I am linking a preview of some of my favorite posts that feature creative uses for Microsoft Office Sway, as well as links to relevant post categories and tags.

Sending Well Wishes With Microsoft Sway

This post was written after I received a message asking if I had any ideas for how to send well wishes for a person who is unable to read traditional print. Several people had written notes for this person, but the notes were difficult to gather and at times difficult to read due to uneven handwriting. I suggested they take all of the notes and put them into a Microsoft Office Sway document so that the person would be able to read the messages with ease, all without knowing who originally created the document. A few months prior to publishing this post, I had the opportunity to organize a similar project with friends from all over the country, so I was excited to share what I had learned about anonymous collaboration with Microsoft Office Sway.

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How To Create A Cookbook With Microsoft Office Sway

Some of my friends and I decided to create a Microsoft Office Sway document to organize recipes that we shared with each other. Many of them were “secret” family recipes that couldn’t be found online, so in order to share them in an accessible format, we created our own digital cookbook. While I’m not sure that I want to try the recipe for celery jello, it was fun for everyone to be able to read the various ingredients and learn how different recipes are made.

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Creating Take Away Documents With Microsoft Office Sway

Whenever I speak at a conference or give a guest lecture, I like to store notes and links relevant to the material in a Microsoft Office Sway document. While some people are confused at first as to why I would choose to use Sway, they instantly understand why I love using it so much once they open the document and see all of the information they need in a well-organized and accessible document that can be accessed from anywhere. This post contains a lot of information about creating awesome take-away documents, and it’s one of my favorite posts to share with others who love to give lectures like this.

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How To Modify An Instrument Fingering Chart For Low Vision

So this post doesn’t strictly talk about Sway, but I wanted to include it anyway because Sway is one of the many options for being able to create an accessible instrument fingering chart for students with low vision. As a middle school student, I had trouble seeing the instrument fingering chart for clarinet due to all of the small symbols. Since my band directors and I had no idea that I could modify an instrument fingering chart for low vision, I just tried to guess what the chart said or would strain my eyes to see it, which didn’t always end well. Written for Music in our Schools Month, this post borrows from my previous post on making anatomy diagrams accessible and helps to show how physical and digital accessible instrument fingering charts can help new musicians.

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How To Create Accessible Assignments With Microsoft Office Sway

This post was created after I received a question from a teacher asking about how they could incorporate audio files into classroom assignments that would be easy to access for a student with low vision. Since the student was going to be answering questions in a separate document regardless of how the assignment was presented, my first thought was how easy it would be to convert the assignment into a web-based multimedia page so that the teacher could include audio files, videos, and other types of content that would help the student to better access their assignments. This is also a great post for understanding how to structure accessible assignments in general.

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Creative Uses For Microsoft Office Sway: Post Round Up. A round up of my favorite posts that I've written about Microsoft Office Sway and the creative ways I have used it to create accessible documents for low vision