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My name is Veronica Lewis, and I have four eyes, also known as low vision, as well as Chiari Malformation.  I’m a college student studying information technology and assistive technology right outside of Washington, DC.  I’m from Virginia and have attended Virginia public schools my entire life.

Here are ten other random facts about me:

1. I’ve played clarinet for ten years in various ensembles, including marching band (more on that here), symphonic band, pep band, and in extracurricular ensembles.

2. My favorite Disney character is Destiny from Finding Dory- read why here

3. I never heard the term assistive technology until I was in ninth grade, but fell in love with the field and knew I wanted to study it in college-read more about it here

4. My favorite color is purple, which is coincidentally the color for Chiari Malformation and migraine awareness. It’s also the color of my glasses

5. Writing has always been one of my passions, and I knew that no matter what career I ended up in, I wanted to be a writer on the side

6. My family and some friends call me Four-Eyes Gump (like Forrest Gump) because I get into random situations and lead an incredible life.

7. I love Android and have exclusively owned Android phones since 2009

8. I was part of a certified therapy dog team for almost ten years.

9. One of my many goals is to meet all 535 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and to advocate for healthcare and disability policy, as well as issues related to education.

10. I get a lot of inspiration for my blog posts from my friends, who make several cameos on the blog.  They jokingly refer to me as a celebrity and are often helping me behind the scenes by taking pictures, assisting me in testing devices, being a human guide at events, or getting me food when I’m focused on writing.


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