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Eight Adult Shoes Without Shoelaces

I have trouble tying my shoes due to vision impairment and Chiari Malformation, so whenever I go shoe shopping, I look for comfortable and easy to wear shoes that don’t have shoelaces or other complicated fasteners. It’s easy to find children’s shoes without shoelaces, but adult shoes without shoelaces tend to be a bit harder to come across. Luckily, I have been able to find many shoes that fit securely and comfortably without any other issues. Today, I will be sharing eight adult shoes without shoelaces, with options for people of all genders and style preferences.

Converse Shoreline

Back in middle school, I loved the look of Converse shoes with my school sweatshirt or a colored t-shirt. What I didn’t love was that I had to tie my shoes and I often had trouble tying them tight enough. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered Converse Shoreline sneakers that have an elasticized back, so there’s no need for laces. They look great with casual outfits and come in lots of colors and unisex sizes, as well as wide width. I have a red pair and a white/black striped pair.

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Vans Classic Slip-Ons

One of my friends who has low vision was telling me about their favorite pair of shoes that they could easily slip on and not have to worry about tripping over. They love their Vans Classic Slip-Ons because they are very much in-style and have enough traction so that they don’t slip in the hallway- which is something that had happened when they wore another popular slip-on shoe brand. Again, these come in lots of colors and unisex sizes and are perfect for walking down school hallways.

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Keds Slip-On Sneakers

Similar to the Vans Classic Slip-Ons, Keds Slip-On sneakers cover the entirety of the foot and stay on securely. Keds has several different styles of slip-on sneakers, including some with elastic laces. They come in several different colors and select styles also have a wide width. At this time, they come in women and kid sizes only.

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Skechers Cleo Flats

When I was looking for a pair of comfortable flats that I could wear while walking around campus, I decided to try the Skechers Cleo flats and see how they felt. I was happy to find out that they were very comfortable and that they looked great with everything I owned, from casual outfits to special ocassion dresses. Another bonus is that they have memory foam inserts, which means the shoes can take me from a morning class to a special event in DC with no problems.

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Athletic Shoes + Elastic Laces

When it came time for me to buy new athletic shoes, I told my brother that I didn’t want to deal with tying my shoes. He found a pair of elastic laces for about $5 that could replace shoelaces and secure the shoe with a bungee-like closure. If I didn’t have my brother, I would have asked the store to thread the elastic laces for me after buying my new shoes. Elastic laces can be added to any shoe with traditional shoelaces.

Earth Origins Sandals

When I was traveling this summer, I constantly wore my Earth Origins Sandals because they were comfortable and did not slip off my feet. These are perfect for the warmer weather because they have cut-outs in the side, though this did lead to some interesting tan lines. My favorite thing about these shoes is that it doesn’t hurt if I accidentally run my foot over with my blindness cane.

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Zappos Adaptive Shoes

For people that are looking for more styles of adaptive footwear, Zappos has an entire section of their website dedicated to adaptive shoes and clothing that can be worn by people of all genders and sizes. One of my friends orders from this section of the website whenever they need new shoes and have been very pleased with the curated selection of shoes for people with disabilities.

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Riding boots

Lastly, I thought I would share my favorite type of shoes- riding boots. I wear riding boots for the most part from October through May, since it is easy for me to stay warm in the cooler temperatures and they look great with all of my clothes. I got my first pair in high school and wore them almost every day because I liked that they were easy to zip up.

Final thoughts

I appreciate that so many companies have started to embrace adaptive footwear and selling affordable, comfortable adult shoes without shoelaces that can be worn by anyone. While this website is far from a fashion blog, it’s important to ensure that people are able to find shoes that they can easily wear, without having to worry about them randomly falling apart while walking. I hope you find a new favorite pair of shoes!

Eight shoes without shoelaces that come in adult sizes. My favorite easy to wear and comfortable shoes for class