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My Favorite Neck Pillows

Over the years, I have found several fantastic neck pillows for pain that I have used for various reasons. Some neck pillows are better for me when I’m resting my head in the car, while other neck pillows for whiplash have helped me cope with even the most severe neck pain. Today, I will be sharing my favorite neck pillows for pain (both temporary pain and chronic pain) and my favorite neck pillows for whiplash or other long term injuries. This website does not use affiliate links, so I do not make any money for promoting these products- these are just my favorite neck pillows for pain!


The Trtl pillow (pronounced like turtle) wraps around the neck similar to a scarf, or a neck brace. The firm support side can be positioned anywhere on the neck. I enjoy having it on the side of my neck so I can lie down comfortably, though it also is nice wrapped around the front of the neck. It is made of fleece material and can easily be washed in the washing machine. Get the Trtl pillow on Amazon here.

Moon Pillow

The Moon Pillow is one of the many Yogibo products I adore (read more about Yogibo here). It has helped me sleep, even when dealing with the most severe neck pain. I position it between my pillow and shoulders when lying down for additional neck support, and frequently lean against it as well. It feels very firm, but is smooth and does not make any noise- no worries about hearing the beads swish around. Get the Yogibo moon pillow here.

Infinity Pillow

The infinity pillow is a long, closed tube that resembles an infinity scarf more than it resembles a neck pillow. It can be worn in many different ways, including being wrapped around the neck, and reminds me of my favorite BeautyRest pillows (more about how I use them on my college bed here). It is the least firm out of all of the pillows on this list, so it’s best used after the worst of the pain has passed. Get the Infinity pillow on Amazon here.

Cabeau 360 Pillow

This is the firmest and most supportive pillow on this list, as it heavily resembles a neck brace, making it one of the best neck pillows for pain. It is filled with memory foam and keeps the neck in place, while being surprisingly comfortable. I love having this in the car, as I can fall asleep without worrying about awful neck spasms. It’s also easy to wedge an ice pack between the pillow and the skin. Get the Cabeau neck pillow on Amazon here.

Chin-supporting Neck Pillow

This is my newest out of all my neck pillows for pain, and I have discovered it is perfect for plane rides. It wraps around your neck, sort of like a snake. I like that it provided a lot of support for my chin and kept my head from dropping. Some people have reported the pillow fits very tightly for them, though I actually like the tightness because it helps to hold my head in place. Get a chin supporting neck pillow on Amazon here.

While using neck pillows for pain is not a substitute for medical care, it’s important to find a way to manage symptoms after diagnosis and to find what works best for you. I hope you feel better soon!

My favorite neck pillows for chronic pain and whiplash, great for traveling!