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Seeing The Future: My Feature in 10 Ideas

What if higher education was made more accessible for visually impaired students in Virginia through online resources?

Earlier this year, I entered the 10 Ideas policy writing competition. The yearly competition is by the Roosevelt Network, the largest student-run think tank in the nation. Policy ideas and solutions can be for the local, state, and federal levels. Categories include healthcare, human rights, energy and the environment, foreign policy, economy, democratic access, and education.

About my policy idea

My policy idea was on how to help students with vision impairments prepare for the transition to post-secondary education. My school district didn’t have a transition specialist or any additional staff to assist me in preparing for college with a disability. I didn’t know of any programs that could assist me after graduation. I spent many hours trying to figure out how to get services in college, what Disability Services could do for me, and what services I would need.

My policy solution involves a collaboration with the state Department of the Blind and Visually Impaired and the state Department of Education. They will create a website on transition resources for students with vision impairment. It will be for students, families, and teachers to access anytime, from anywhere.

I am so happy to learn that other people are on board with this idea. “Seeing the Future” is one of two education ideas to win the competition. It is also one of ten ideas overall for publication in the Roosevelt Institute’s 10 Ideas journal. Below, I have copied their summary of my 10 Ideas piece:

The support and accommodations that students with disabilities receive end as soon as they graduate high school, leaving them no transition assistance for higher education. In 10 Ideas, Veronica Lewis from George Mason University proposes a partnership between the Virginia Department of Education and Virginia Department of Blind and Visually Impaired to create a website that helps visually impaired students learn about resources for them to pursue post-secondary education.”

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Want to read more? Click here to read my piece in the 10 Ideas journal on Scribd

And if you are interested in working with me to make this policy idea a reality in your state, email me here.What if higher education was made more accessible for visually impaired students in Virginia through online resources?

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