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Quizlet And Low Vision

In the last two weeks, it seems like every time I turn around, I have another test or quiz that demands my attention- sometimes several in one day. While each class I study for is unique, I use the same app for studying material from all of my classes. Enter, Quizlet.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a free website that allows users to create and view flashcard sets for any subject, in addition to providing different ways to study them. It’s a very popular study tool at my college, and is especially popular with IT majors. It is available online or as an iPad/iPhone app.

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My devices

I typically access Quizlet using Google Chrome on my computer, or using the Google Chrome browser on my iPad or phone. I also use the Quizlet app on my iPad running iOS 10.

Quizlet Interface

The website is easy to navigate, with information presented on easy-to-read backgrounds. Users can display the terms as a list, as flashcards, or utilize any of the study options without compromising the need for large print.

Quizlet Accessibility

Large text is abundant within Quizlet, and easy to access too. Users can zoom in on the web browser and the information will enlarge without running off the page. The app supports dynamic text too. Quizlet is also compatible with screen readers, and has built-in audio capabilities in over a dozen languages that can read cards. In addition, users can record their own audio if needed.

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Besides silently reading flashcards and lists, there are different study methods that convert sets into fill in the blank practice problems, multiple choice quizzes, matching, and others. The activity “Gravity” did not enlarge text well in my experience, but all of the other ones did.

Creating flashcards

Users can create their own custom flashcard set that can be made private or shared with the Quizlet community. I prefer to do this within the app as opposed to the web browser on my iPad, only because it is easier for me to type. Because I have large print enabled on my iPad, all fields are large and easy to locate.

Easy to access

Quizlet can be accessed from any device and any browser, and adapts well to accessibility settings. Within the app, study sets can also be saved offline, which is useful when studying on the Metro.

What I’ve used it for

I’ve used Quizlet for almost every single one of my college classes, but here are some examples of how I have used it:

  • Studying for a Database Fundamentals midterm
  • Practicing vocabulary words for accounting
  • Reviewing class material for Java programming
  • Doing a practice quiz for cybersecurity

How my professors have reacted

My professors all highly recommend that students use Quizlet for studying. I’ve even had some professors or TAs add their own study sets to Quizlet as well.

Apps that pair well with Quizlet

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Quizlet is an awesome way to study, and I appreciate that the developers thought about accessibility when creating the app. I highly recommend this app, especially for college students.

Quizlet and low vision. How I use quizlet, a free study app that supports large text and screen readers.