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Five Low Vision Twitter Accounts To Follow

I’ve been on Twitter for a little less than a year now, and didn’t start actively using the platform until March. Since then, I’ve discovered that there is a whole world of resources on low vision, blindness, accessibility, and so much more. I regularly receive blog post inspiration while using the platform. Here are five of my favorite accounts that talk about low vision and blindness.

First, why Twitter?

Even though I am not a huge fan of social media, I have found that I am always learning new things when I check Twitter, and have found that there is a huge community for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. I primarily use Twitter on my computer and use the zoom function on the browser, but I have had good luck with the app on my phone and iPad as well. I just prefer the computer because it is easier to enlarge things.

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Royal National Institute of Blind People | @RNIB

RNIB is an organization that helps to support people that are affected by varying degrees of sight loss, ranging from low vision to total blindness. Their tweets often focus on education about varying eye conditions and outreach for those that are affected by the same conditions. While they do post some local resources, followers outside of England can still gain a lot from them.

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San Diego Vision Loss | @SDCBlind

San Diego Vision Loss is another organization that helps to support people with sight loss, with a special focus on those who are dealing with vision changes, as opposed to those who were born with low vision or blindness. They frequently tweet articles related to low vision and assistive technology, and I find myself reading a majority of the articles that they post- and sometimes have to stop myself from sharing every single one!

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Microsoft Accessibility | @MSFTEnable

Microsoft Accessibility focuses on inclusion and accessibility in technology, focusing on Microsoft products. A few of my blog posts have been featured by them as well. Plus, the people behind the account are super nice to work with.

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Perkins School | @PerkinsVision

Perkins School for the Blind is a school here in the United States for students who are blind, visually impaired, or deafblind. Even though I am a college student, I still find interesting articles and resources from them that I don’t find on other accounts.

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American Council of the Blind | @ACBNational

I have met several awesome people affiliated locally with the American Council of the Blind. The ACB National account shares lots of articles on accessibility as well as opportunities to attend conferences/lectures. There’s even information on how to attend these events remotely from anywhere.

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