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My Favorite Kitchen Appliances

Believe it or not, I have never set off the fire alarm while cooking something. I also haven’t given myself food poisoning or had to go to the hospital for stitches because I cut myself.

People commonly expect that since I have low vision, I’m horrible with cooking and will either consistently overcook or undercook food, or injure myself in the process. While my family likes to tease me that I am used to the taste of burnt food, I have been able to tremendously improve cooking for myself in the last couple months.

Here are the five of my favorite kitchen appliances for low vision. All of these items can be purchased on Amazon Prime. Some can even be delivered in two hours with PrimeNow.

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Egg cooker

I never really ate a lot of eggs until I got to college. Now, I love having poached eggs, scrambled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, omelets, and more. With the egg cooker, all of these are ready in seven minutes or less. It’s very easy to clean, and I have never had a problem with overcooked or undercooked eggs. One thing though- it sets off a loud alarm reminiscent of a smoke detector when it is done cooking, or if it is turned on before water is added.

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Rice cooker

I love eating grains like quinoa and rice. However, if I am cooking on the stove and the water boils over, I’m not going to notice. As a result, I will be left with a puddle on the stove or floor that I can slip on. The rice cooker is great for grains, but I’ve also used it to make pasta, oatmeal, soup, broth, steamed vegetables, and even curries. I have been surprised with how much I use it, and I appreciate that it is so easy to clean.

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My family became obsessed with the original Magic Bullet when I was in middle school. Personally, I am a huge fan of the NutriBullet model. I use it every morning to make a smoothie, and have never had to deal with chunks of frozen fruit in my drinks. I also have used it to chop items easily and make nut butters, as well as other recipes. Cleaning it is simple- I rinse out the components immediately after use and then hand wash them, though they are also dishwasher safe. This is one of my favorite kitchen appliances for low vision because it is so easy to clean.

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This is far from being a kitchen essential, but I have been using this every day for a month now so I thought it should be included. The machine turns frozen bananas into the consistency of soft serve ice cream, and there’s infinite possibilities for flavors- my favorite combination is bananas, mixed berries, and peanut butter. I’ve also used it frequently when I have friends over, as a lot of my friends can’t have ice cream. It is a little loud, but it has never taken me longer than thirty seconds to use it and no one has ever complained about the noise.

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Vegetable chopper

While not technically an appliance, this tool is the reason I still have all ten of my fingers and it’s still one of my favorite kitchen appliances for low vision. Here’s how it works:

  1. Chop fruit or vegetable so it fits in the chopper
  2. Load it into the top section
  3. Push a lever down
  4. Food is chopped!

In order to get food items to fit, I use knives that were designed for children so I can avoid injury. I have found that the knife and chopper combination has been sufficient to prep any produce I please.

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A note on dorms

If you are cooking in a dorm, check the rules before purchasing any of these appliances. There may be restrictions on devices with heating elements, certain wattages, or knife sizes. Since all of my items stay in the kitchen, I have had no issues with housing regulations.

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I love being able to cook for myself, and am grateful for these tools that have helped me be able to eat well with chronic illness.


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