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Amazon PrimeNow

For Amazon Prime users near major cities, Amazon offers free two hour delivery of hundreds of items through a service called PrimeNow. With a minimum purchase of $20, items are hand-delivered by couriers similar to AmazonFresh. Living within the Washington DC/Northern Virginia service area, I have been able to receive high quality products faster than it takes for me to get to the store, get lost in the store, and get back home. Here are some ways PrimeNow has been awesome for me, and why I recommend it to everyone with an Amazon Prime account.

It’s faster than going to the store

While I have reliable bus access here at college to many stores, as well as friends who drive, I find it easier to use PrimeNow for when I need to buy items. I can add items to my cart almost instantly, choosing from my purchase history or searching for items manually through the PrimeNow site. The prices and selection are comparable to my local store, and I’ve never had any issues finding items. Users can even find some products traditionally offered through AmazonFresh

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No poorly rated products

When I came back from school in October, I left both my phone and iPad charger at home. Not wanting to pay $20 at the bookstore for a cable, I bought two highly rated cables for each device plus two wall adapters. All came highly reviewed and at a reasonable price at less than $30 for all items. Amazon would not keep low quality products available on demand, only the high quality bestsellers that are at a reasonable price.

Items can arrive within an hour

For $8 extra, the item(s) will arrive within one hour after they are ordered. While I very rarely do this, my friend once used it to get a laptop cable after theirs was destroyed and said it came within twenty minutes. The fastest delivery I’ve ever had was about thirty minutes.

Brown bag with Amazon PrimeNow logo and items inside
My package has arrived!

I can get items right outside my door

I program the delivery address right outside a restaurant near my apartment. Since users are able to follow where the courier is, I wait until they are within five miles of my address. Then I go wait outside and have the courier bring the items to me. I have a note for delivery that I am visually impaired with a description of what I am wearing (for example, red sweater with gray scarf). Most of the couriers just walk up to me and say they are from Amazon and ask what my name is, and this works well. For users who don’t live in a secured dorm, unattended delivery is also an option.

Excellent customer support

Customer support understands that I have low vision (a member of customer support even follows my blog!) and has been able to help couriers locate me, instead of having me wandering around trying to find someone I’ve never met. When there was an issue with an order I had, they issued me a full refund and helped ensure that the issue would never happen again. I’ve never met a rude customer support person or anyone who was impossible to understand over the phone, and I’ve never been on hold for more than thirty seconds later. Because I know customer support will help in case of a problem, I feel confident every time I place an order that I will be able to get my items.
I highly recommend PrimeNow to anyone who lives within the delivery area for it. I’m so happy that it’s available in my area, and can’t wait for it to expand even more.

Amazon PrimeNow Free two hour delivery