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How Do People With Vision Impairments… Get Dressed?

A couple of nights ago, I was waiting to get into my school dining hall, where a staff member swipes my student ID to allow me to get in. At the time, the person was way on the other side of the room and told me just to swipe my card on the scanner. I couldn’t see the scanner, which I told them politely and with a smile. As the person came closer and noticed my blindness cane, they apologized profusely for asking me to do that, and told me that I didn’t look like or dress like someone who was visually impaired.

While I have had days where I walk out with two different colored shoes on or wear my pants on backwards, there are many tricks that I have to making sure I look my best daily. Here are five of them below:


Stylebook is an iOS app that costs $4 and allows users to create a virtual closet. While it is marketed towards fashionistas, this brilliant app can be used by anyone.

First, users input photos of their clothes into the Stylebook app.

Next, they can tag the clothing items with colors, brand, size, washing instructions, and many other labels.

Users can also write down the location of the item at the present time- hanging in the closet, sitting in the laundry bin, etc.

In addition, users can create outfits or have the app randomly generate outfits for them.

The initial set up is highly tedious, because you have to photograph everything you own. But once it’s done, the app is an amazing tool to use!

Shoe labels

One day, I walked around with one black shoe and one navy shoe all day. After that, I bought small circle stickers from Amazon in different colors to put on the inside of my shoes. I don’t notice the stickers when I wear them, but they are a good reminder for me to remember to match the stickers when putting on my shoes.


I don’t like putting all of my necklaces in a box. Instead, I use Pinhooks and hang them on cork board so I can see what the necklaces look like.

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Hanging canvas shelves

I bought one of these when I got to college and it is amazing. I am able to lay out six days worth of clothes for the week and hang it in my closet without fear of it falling over, or stack sweaters easily so I can see them. My exact set is from The Container Store.

Velvet hangers

It helps to have hangers that don’t have clothes constantly falling off of them and that are easy to hang. By having textured hangers, clothes stay put and don’t take up too much space. These can be found anywhere where hangers are sold.

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